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This page is for all words and phrases found in the script of Hamlet which cannot yet be adequately translated. For character and place names, suggested transliterations will be given in bold. Also, when you change anything, no matter how small, please make a note of it to the discussion/talk page that you can find at the very top of the page between page and edit buttons! It's important as we need to keep track of what is changed!

Character Names

Prince Hamlet: Eyktan'itan Hämlet

Osric: Osrìk

Polonius: Polonyusì

Marcellus: Marselusì

Ophelia: Ofelya

Voltimand: Voltìmän

Yorick: Yorìk

Reynaldo: Reynalto

Rosencrantz: Rosengran

Fortinbras: Fortìnprasì

Francisco: Fransisko

Cornelius: Kornilyusì

Bernado: Pìnarto

King Claudius: Eyktan Kllawtyusì

Queen Gertrude: Tsahìk Kärtrrut

Laertes: Leyertisì

Lucianus: Lusyanusì

Horatio: Horeytsyo

Guildenstern: Kìltxensten

A Gentleman: Tsentllmìn

Courtier: Kortìer

First Clown: Kìlawn A'awve

Second Clown: Kìlawn Amuve

A Captain: Kaptìn

English Ambassador: Ämpasìtor 'ìnglenä

Lord: Lortì

Lady: Leytxi

Officer: Ofìser

Soldier: Tsamsiyu

Sailor: sìpä maktoyu

Messenger: Mesentsyer

Attendant: Atenten

Ghost of Hamlet's Father: Tirea Sempulä Hämletä

Saint Patrick: ---

Place Names

Denmark: Txänmak

Norway: Norke

Poland: Polska

France: Fransì

England: 'Ìnglen

Elsinore (from Helsingør): Helsìngo

Rhein: ---


Here are all the words that have not been translated or have been interpreted in some way. If you can somoehow interpret a word that is not translated, please move it to the right section and also copy it to the "to be changed" section. If you use another word for an already interpreted word (due to context maybe), add it behind the word, and also include it in the "to be changed" section move them to the "To be changed" section. Don't forget to mark your changes on the discussion/talk page!

To be changed

state ( to be in a warlike state) - (A1S2) (I believe it's not translated at some places)
dear – yawne change in (A1S3)

Not translated

A-Z in English - (notes) and found (where|how many times|phrase included)...


beguile - (A1S3p)
besmirch - (A1S3)
bray out - (A1S4p)
buy - (A1S3)

disclose - (A1S3p)
drain - (A1S4p)

frown - (A1S1)

herein -(A1S2x2p)

importune - (A1S3)

loan - (A1S3)
lose -(A1S2)

pray - (A1S5)
proclaim - (A1S3)

reel - (A1S4p)
relieve - (A1S1)
revenge - (A1S5x2)

strand - (A1S5)
suppress - (A1S2)
surrender -(A1S2)
swagger - (A1S4p)

take (as bear, suffer) - (A1S3)
tender - (A1S3 x2)

weigh - (A1S3p)


advantage - (A1S2)
angel - (A1S4)

bawd - (A1S3p)
benefit - (A1S3p)
breath - (A1S3p)
button - (A1S3p)

canker - (A1S3)
cautel - (A1S3)
caution - (A1S3)
censure - (A1S3x2)
cerement - (A1S4)
corruption - (A1S4)
crescent - (A1S3)
custom - (A1S4x2)

discretion - (A1S2)
disposition - (A1S4)
draught - (A1S4p)
dropping - (A1S2)
duty - (A1S2x2)

entreatment - (A1S3)

fashion - (A1S3x2)
flourish - (A1S4)
forward (as straight, temporary) - (A1S3)

gait - (A1S2p)
glow-worm - (A1S5)
greeting - (A1S2)

habit - (A1S4)
hell - (A1S4)(A1S5)
hoop - (A1S3p)

ice - (A1S1)
incest - (A1S5)

jointress - (A1S2)
judgment - (A1S3)

kettle-drum - (A1S4p)
knave - (A1S5)

leisure - (A1S3)
levy? (levies) - (A1S2)
libertine, free thinker - (A1S3)
list - (A1S2)
luxury - (A1S5)

meditation - (A1S5)
mercy - (A1S5)
mole - (A1S5)

nation - (A1S4)
nephew - (A1S2)

orchard - (A1S5)
ordnance - (A1S4p)

pale - (A1S4)
pastor - (A1S3)
pledge - (A1S4p)
porpentine - (A1S5p)
proportion - (A1S2)
purse - (A1S3)

quill - (A1S5)

rank (social status) - (A1S3)
relief - (A1S1)
revenge - (A1S5)

scandal - (A1S4)
scope - (A1S2)
shame - (A1S3)
shoulder - (A1S3)
springe - (A1S3p)
state ( to be in a warlike state) - (A1S2)
station (social stuff) - (A1S3)
steel - (A1S3p)
subject (as influenced) - (A1S3)

tender - (A1S3)
treasure - (A1S3p)
triumph - (A1S4p)
truepenny (some expression) - (A1S5)
trumpets - (A1S4x2p)

uncle - (A1S2)(A1S5)
up-sprig - (A1S4p)

woodcock - (A1S3p)

yielding - (A1S3)


befitted - (A1S2)

circumscribed- (A1S3)
contagious - (A1S3)

dull - (A1S5)

eager - (A1S4)

fancy (rich) - (A1S3)
free - (A1S3)
fretful - (A1S5p)

gaudy - (A1S3)
general - (A1S4)
guilty - (A1S4)

holy - (A1S3)

impotent - (A1S2)

pious - (A1S3p)
poor - (A1S5x3)

rich - (A1S3)

sanctified - (A1S3p)
scant - (A1S3)
shot off - (A1S4p)
subject (as influenced) - (A1S3)

tax'd - (A1S4)
triumph - (A1S4p)
trivial - (A1S5)
true - (A1S3)

unfledged - (A1S3)
unmaster'd - (A1S3)
unsifted - (A1S3)

valiant -(A1S2)
wild - (A1S5)

Unsorted list

alas - (A1S5)
a-making - (A1S3p)

barr'd - (A1S2)

chaste - (A1S3p)
corruption - (A1S4)
costly - (A1S3)
credent - (A1S3p)

dalliance - (A1S3)
dearly - (A1S3)
delated - (A1S2)
disjoint -(A1S2)

embark'd - (A1S3)

fancy (rich) - (A1S3)
further - (A1S2p)

humbly - (A1S3)

importunity - (A1S3)
in few (in a nutshell) - (A1S3)
ingorance (ignorant) - (A1S4)

native - (A1S4)

o'er-leaverns - (A?S4)

scant, adj - (A1S3)
sterling - (A1S3)

though - (A1S4)

up-sprig - (A1S4p)


A-Z in English - in Na'vi, and found (where|how many times|phrase included)...

abroad (go, leave) - kä (A1S3)
abuse - kavuk(A1S5x2)
achivement - tìkan ahasey (A1S4)
act - kem (A1S3)
addition - tìnew (A1S4)
adoption - tìhawl (A1S3)
affair – muntxa (A1S2p)
affection - tìnew, tìyawn (A1S3px3)
apparel - tìlam (A1S3)
apt - pxan (A1S5p)
article - 'upxare (A1S2)
assume (take a form) - slu (A1S4)
attribute - ayla (A1S4p)
audience (as one person) - nìnyu (A1S3)
'awsìtengyusem - combined (A1S5)

baser - tsleng (A1S5)
beackon (call) - syaw (A1S4)
bear up - kllkxem (A1S5)
bearer - mungeyu (A1S2)
bear't (keep in mind) - zerok (A1S3)
bed - hahawtseng (A1S5)
bed-rid - spxìn (A1S2)
behowes - na tawnung (A1S3)
bethought - zerok (A1S3)
beware - tìng nari (A1S3p)
beyond - alìm nì’ul (A1S4)
birth - tì'ongokx (A1S3)
blast - txep (A1S4)
blastment - säspxìn (A1S3)
blaze - txeptsìyp (A1S3)
blazon - fìtìsla’tsu (A1S5)
blessing - tìtìng ta Eywa, tìrangal leEywa (A1S3x3p)
born - tsawl slu (A1S4p)
borrower - mungeyu (A1S3)
borrowing - tìmunge (A1S3)
bosom - txe'lan (A1S5)
bounteous - tstunvi (A1S3)
breach - tìska'a (A1S4)
broker - X skasya’a (A1S3p)
bulk - tìtsawl (A1S3)
burn - som lu, txep si (A1S3p)(A1S5)
burned - txep seykoli (A1S5)
business v. - lawk (A1S2)
business, n - ätxäle (A1S2)(A1S5x2)

calumnious - lezoplo (A1S3)
canonized - swok (A1S4)
carve - nivew (A1S3)
cast up - lam fokru (A1S4)
cellarage - kllte (A1S5)
character (as person talked to) - nga (A1S3p)
charitable - sìltsan (A1S4)
chary - x a nari terìng (A1S3p)
circumstance - kem, txele (A1S3)(A1S5)
clepe - syaw (A1S4p)
colleagued - 'awsiteng (A1S2)
command, n - tì’iusa (A1S3)
commandment - tìeyk (A1S5)
complexion' - tìngäzìk (A1S4)
comrade - 'eylan (A1S3)
confined to (to be with) - käteng (A1S5)
consent - mllte (A1S5)
contracted - pamrel-sawni (A1S2)
contrive - 'eko (A1S5)
convoy - pongu (A1S3p)
copy - yem (A1S5)
corse - tokx (A1S4)
couch - hahawtseng (A1S5)
courteous - mawey (A1S4)
crack, v - fwel si (A1S3)
crime - kawnga kem (A1S5)
cry out – syaw (A1S4)

damn'd - kawng, vä', vawne'ki (A1S4)(A1S5x2)
dear – yawne, kalin (A1S2)(A1S5)
defeated - skawna'a (A1S2)
defect - tìngäzìk (A1S4)
delated - yawnem (A1S2)
delight - tìnitram (A1S2)
depends - kllkxem (A1S3)
deprive - munge (A1S4)
desire - tìnew (A1S3)(A1S5)
dew - rewona pay (A1S3)
direct - fyawayìntxu (A1S4)
dirge - tìkeftxo (A1S2)
dispatch - fpìye’ (A1S2)
distracted - lu yayayr (A1S5)
doom'd (to do) - zenänge (A1S5)
doubt - ke lu law (A1S3)(A1S4)
draw near - za'u (A1S4)
dreadful - lehrrap (A1S4)
drunkard - näkyu (A1S4)
dull, v - mäkxu (A1S3p)
dulls - ska'a (A1S3)

earth (as ground) - kllte (A1S5x2)
edge - pxawpa (A1S3)
effect (teaching effect) - tìzerok (A1S3)
enterance - tìfpxäkìm (A1S3p)
entertainment - tì'o' (A1S3p)
escape - tul (A1S3)
express - wìntxtu (A1S3p)(A1S5)
extinct - tayatep (A1S3)

fail - ke flä (A1S2)
false (be) - tsleng si (A1S3)
fast, v - nìsraw (A1S5p)
fathom - tirea (A1S4)
favour - tìnewä (A1S3)
fit (as proper) - muiä (A1S4)
flame - txep (A1S5)
flood - pay (A1S4)
forbidden - zenke (fko) (A1S5)
forged - lehawl(A1S5x2)
form - fya'o (A1S4)
fort - sähawnu (A1S4)
fortune - syay (A1S4)
foul - kawng, tìkxey (A1S5x2)
freely – nìftue (A1S2)
funeral - tìlen lekxitx (A1S2)
further (no) - lahe (ke'u) (A1S3)

generous - tstunvi (A1S3p)
gentleman – nawmtu (A1S4)(A1S5x2)
ghost – vitral (A1S4)(A1S5x3)
'gin - syep (A1S5)
giving out - kavuk (A1S5)
glimpse - atan (A1S4)
globe (as head) - re'o (A1S5)
goblin - swirä (A1S4)
grace - prrte' (A1S3p)(A1S5)
grapple - niä (A1S3)
grave - kllte (A1S5)
green (unexperienced) - hì'i (A1S3)

habit (as wanting) tìnew (A1S3)
harrow up - tìsraw seyki (A1S5)
haste - tìwin (A1S2)
head (as the one who controls) (p) - 'eyktan (A1S3)
headshake - tì'usärìp re'oä (A1S5)
hearsed - molunge (A1S4)
heartily - nìngay (A1S5x2)
heat - tìsom (A1S3)
heaven - Eywa(yä tseng) (A1S3x2)(A1S4x2)(A1S5x4)
heavy-headed - apxa (A1S4p)
hideous - letxopu (A1S4)
hither - fìtseng (A1S5)
hold (release) - lonu (A1S4p)
holding - poru lu (A1S2)
honest - muiä (A1S5)
honourable - lemeuia (A1S3)
horrible - kawng (A1S5)
horrible - letxopu (A1S4)
husbandry - tìmuntxa (A1S3)

imminent - sìm (A1S3)
immortal - ke tsun tiverkup (A1S4)
impartment - fmawn (A1S4)
imperial - nawm (A1S2)
implorator - ätxäle (A1S3)
in fashion - nìfya'o (A1S3)
indeed - nìngay (A1S4x2p)
infant - 'evi (A1S3)
inward - a mìso (A1S3)
invite - syaw (A1S3)
issue – txele (A1S4)

jaw (as somesort of a cover) - lew (A1S4)
joy - fpom (A1S2)

keep (sth) - i'awn (A1S3x2p)
kingdom - kllpxìltu (A1S2)
knotted - nìyayayr (A1S5)

last (not) - i'awn (ke) (A1S3)
late (as dead) – kerusey (A1S2)
law - lekoren (A1S2p)
leave (as something given) - tìtìng (A1S3)
lend - tìng (A1S3p)
lender - tìngyu (A1S3)
lesrese'a - prophetic (A1S5x2)
lie in (to) - lu (A1S3)
liquid - lepay (A1S3)
livery - kite’esiyu (A1S4)
lock (as hair-thing) - tswin (A1S5)
lock'd - yolän (A1S3p)
loss - tìtatep (A1S3p)

maid - tutEsìyp (A1S3p)
maiden, adj - tì’ewanä (A1S3)
make tender (of) - nìtstunvi peng (teri) (A1S3)
man (more like a person) - tute (A1S3)
manner - fya'o (A1S4)
marrow - tìtxur akawng p (A1S4p)
marry! - nang (A1S4)
matin - sìrol ayyayoä (A1S5)
memory - 'ok, ronsem (A1S2)(A1S3x2)(A1S5x2)
minute - hìkrr (A1S3p)
mirth - fpom (A1S2)
mole - ngawng (A1S4p)
moon - tsmukan 'Rrtayä (A1S3p)(A1S4)
motive - lun (A1S4)
murder - tìtspang (A1S5x3)

nature (as being) - tìluä (A1S3x2)(A1S4p)
nature (as world) - Nawma Sa'nok, kifkey (A1S4x2)
necessaries - ayu (A1S3)
new-hatch'd - mip (A1S3)
nipping - wew (A1S4)
note - wìntxu (A1S5)

oath - pänu (A1S5)
observance - tìnìn (A1S4)
observation - nari-tìtusìng (A1S5)
occasion - skxom (A1S3)
opposed (person) - kxutu (A1S3)
origin - tseng a X zola'u (A1S4)
out of - mìso (A1S3)

palm (as mind) - ronsem (A1S3p)
parley - tìpängkxo (A1S3)
particular - pxi, tsafnel (A1S3)(A1S4x2)
perform'd - hasey soli (A1S4)
perfume - fahew alor (A1S3)
perilous - lehrrap (A1S3)
permanent (not) - 'ayi'a (A1S3)
personal power - tìtungit (A1S2)
perturbed - mawnäkxu (A1S5)
pester - mäkxu (A1S2)
phrase - tìpeng (A1S4)
pin's fee - ke lu pxan (A1S4p)
pioner - tìkangkemsiyu (A1S5)
pith - kxìtx (A1S4p)
pity, v - keftxo fkoru lu (A1S5p)
plausible - lespaw (A1S4)
platform - klltseng (A1S1)
please (someone) - fte prrte' livu (A1S3)
ponderous - ku'up (A1S4)
poor - meyp (A1S5)
pray (hope) - sìlpey (A1S5)
precept - sänumvi (A1S3)
prenicious - kawng (A1S5)
presence - tìlu (A1S3)
prick - tìsraw seyki (A1S5)
primrose path - 'o'a fya'o (A1S3p)
primy - tstunvia (A1S3)
prison-house - spuse'ea kelku (A1S5)
private time - tìk'ìn (A1S3)
process - kem(A1S5x2)
prodigal - X wìntxu, ftue (A1S3x2p)
propose - peng (A1S5)
puff'd - nawm (A1S3)
pure - ngay (A1S4)
purged away - skola'a (A1S5)
purpose - tìkan (A1S2)

quarrel - tìwem (A1S3p)
queen - muntxate 'eyktanä (A1S2)
questionable - hiyìk (A1S4)

rankly - nìkawng (A1S5x2)
reck - nong (A1S3p)
reckless - tstew (A1S3)
record - 'ok (A1S5)
rede - tìmok (A1S3p)
remove (move) - rìkx (A1S5)
removed ground - klltseng atxawnìng (A1S4)
render up - kä (A1S5)
reserve - fpak (A1S3)
reveal - peng frapor (A1S5)
revel - tì'o' (A1S4p)
revisit'st - frrfen nìmun (A1S4)
roar – rawke (A1S4)
rotten – vä' (A1S4)
royal - nawm (A1S5)

safety - tìzong (A1S3)
sail (as ship's sail) - sìp (A1S3)
saying deed - pänu (A1S3p)
scale - hìmtxan (A1S2)
scarcely (hears) - fìtxan nìkawng (A1S2)
scholar - karyu (A1S5)
season (time) - krr (A1S4)
secret (be) - kawtur ke peng (A1S5)
select, adj - leftxey (A1S3p)
sepulchre - tseng mì fum fko yolom (A1S4)
serious (as accurate) - nìpxi (A1S5p)
serpent - swirä angim (A1S5x2)
servant - kìte'etu (A1S3)
set - kan (A1S3p)
shape - tokx (A1S4)
shift - rìkx (A1S5)
shot - swizaw (A1S3)
sinew - vey (A1S5)
slander - plltxe (A1S3)
soil (like dirt or something) - kllte (A1S3)
soil, v - tsewtx si (A1S4)
soul - vitra (A1S3x2)
sovereignty - sneyä fya'o a (A1S4)
speech - tìplltxe (A1S3)
spring - zìsìkrr a krr ayyayo tayätxaw (A1S3)
state – tìlu (A1S2)
state (as a country) atxkxe, kllpxìltxu (A1S3)(A1S4)
steep - keltsun (A1S3)
stiffly - nìtxur (A1S5)
sting - sngap (A1S5)
stir, v - eltur tìtxen si (A1S5)
stroke - tìtakuk (A1S3)
subject - tìkar (A1S2)
substance - tatlam (A1S4)
suit, n - tìmuntxa (A1S3)
sulphurous - letxum (A1S5)
summit - fäpa (A1S4)
suppliance - 'ätxäle (A1S3p)
supposal – tìftxey (A1S2)
swear - pänutìng (A1S5x11)
sweep (come on the way) - mäkxu (A1S5)
swift - win (A1S5)
swinish - lezoplo (A1S4)
sword - tukru (A1S5x4)

taint - mäkxu (A1S5)
temple (referring to knowldege) - eltu (A1S3)
tempt toward - eyk (A1S4)
tend - vewng (A1S3)
tender tstunvia tìpeng (A1S3)
tether - tìyim (A1S3)
there (there there!) - tam tam (A1S3)
thews - tìtxur (A1S3)
thorn - säsngap (A1S5)
thorny - ngäzìk (A1S3)
though - slä (A1S3)
thought - fpìlfya, kem, sìfpìl(A1S3p)
tormenting - sraw (A1S5)
touching (some topic) - teri (A1S3)
toy - säuvan (A1S3)
toy (as a thought) - säfpìl (A1S4p)
traduce - zoplo si (A1S4)
tread - tìran (A1S3p)
true (be) (honest) - tselngit ke plltxe (A1S3)

uncle - sempulä tsmukan (A1S5x2)
uneffectual - ke lu lesar (A1S5)
ungracious - ke tstunvi (A1S3)
unhand, – lonu (A1S4)
unholy - luke meuia (A1S3)
unmask - wìntxu (A1S3p)
unmixed - luke (A1S5)
unnatural - luke tìme'em (A1S5x2)
unproportioned - kem a ke hawnawl (A1S3)
unto - vaykrr (A1S3)
unvalued - luke meuia (A1S3)

warlike - letslam (A1S2)
wary (be) - nari tìng (A1S3)
watchman - hawnuyu (A1S3)
wave (call), v - syaw (A1S4x3)
waxes (enlarges) – (tsawl) sleru (A1S3)(A1S4)
wherein - a (A1S4)
whereof - a (A1S3p)
whiles - a krr (A1S3)
whirling - (lì'u a) luke ral (A1S5)
vicious - kawng (A1S4p)
wicked - kawng (A1S4)
will - tìnewä (A1S3x2)
villain - kawngsiyu (A1S5x5)
violet - syulang (A1S3)
virtue - tìtstunvi (A1S3x2)(A1S4)
wisdom - tìomum (A1S2p)(A1S3p)(A1S4)
vision - tìnìnvi (A1S5)
withal - nìhawng, nìkeftxo(A1S3x2p)
volume (of) - tseng (A1S5)
wont - tìnew (A1S4p)
worth - tìpxan (A1S2)
vow - pänu (A1S3x3p)
vulgar - lezoplo (A1S3)

youth - tì'ewan (A1S3x3)(A1S5)


Here are all the phrases (as much in order of first apparance as possible), that for some reason are not at all translated, or translated in a way that just feels wrong and cries out for a better one, or when a translator has had doubts (better fear than suffer:)). As with words, if you do any changes, include it in the "to be changed" section. Again, please mark what you change also on the discussion/talk page!

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Not translated


in English -

fought with nature -
His further gait herein -
nor have we herein barr'd -
His further gait herein -


their buttons be disclosed -
hoops of steel -
That you have ta'en these tenders for true pay -
Tender yourself more dearly -
Ay, springes to catch woodcocks -
Breathing like sanctified and pious bawds, -
The better to beguile -


A flourish of trumpets, and ordnance shot off -
And, as he drains his draughts of Rhenish down, -
The kettle-drum and trumpet thus bray out -
The triumph of his pledge. -
the dram of eale -
That beetles o'er his base into the sea,
Nemean lion's nerve. -


Like quills upon the fretful porpentine: -
And duller shouldst thou be than the fat weed that roots itself in ease on Lethe wharf. -
'There be, an if they might, -
O cursed spite, -


in English - in Na'vi


your better wisdoms - Sìltsana sìomum ngeyä
With this affair along - Fìmuntxahu
all bonds of law - fratsaheylufa lekoren
Thus much the business is - Tafral ätxäle ngaru lu
Of these delated articles - Fayupxareyä a yawnem


give benefit - etrìp ngar lu
convoy is assistant - pongu srung sayi
But let me hear from you. - ki piveng oer ngateri.
suppliance of a minute - 'ätxäle hìkrrä
No more but so? - Nì'aw fìfya srak?
The inward service of the mind and soul - tì'awsìteng ronsemä sì vitralä a mìso
Whereof he is the head. - a 'eyktan pumur po lu.
May give his saying deed; which is no further - Tsun txivìng pänut sneyä; a ke lu ke'u alahe
Than the main voice of Denmark goes withal. - To Txänmarka mokri atxìn tsun nìkeftxo sivi.
Then weigh what loss your honour may sustain - Tsakrr --- tìtatepit ngeyä meuia tsun fmival
If with too credent ear - 'Txo fa mìkyun a--- nìhawng
If she unmask her beauty to the moon - sneyä tìlorit wivìntxu
The chariest maid is prodigal enough - Tutetsìyp a nari terìng frato wìntxu letam,
keep you in the rear of your affection - i'awn mì häpxì ngeyä tìnewä
Youth to itself rebels - Tì'ewan wäpew
His greatness weigh'd - Tìnawmìrì peyä
Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads, - terìran po sìn 'o'a fya'o a---
recks not his own rede. - ke new nivong sneyä tìmokit.
A double blessing is a double grace, - Mesìtìng ta Eywa lu prrte' melo
Occasion smiles upon a second leave. - Skxom lrrtok seiyi tìtìngur amuve
aboard, aboard, for shame! - Kä, kä, fpi ---!
The wind sits in the shoulder of your sail - Hufwe hiveyn ro --- ngeyä sìpä
See thou character - Tslivam nga
Give thy thoughts no tongue - Ngeyä fpìlfyari ke pivlltxe
do not dull thy palm with entertainment - ke mäkxu ngeyä ronsemit fa tì'o'
Beware of entrance to a quarrel - Nari tìng nga tìfpxìmur tìwemä
(give) few thy voice - hola pumur (as sute) plltxe
as thy purse can buy - na ngeyä --- tsun ---
are most select and generous chief - leftxey sì tstunvi frato lu
For loan oft loses both itself and friend - Aluta --- nìpxìm tätatep ulte tatep sneyä 'eylanit
Farewell: my blessing season this in thee! - Eywa ngahu: fìtìrangal ngar livu!
Most humbly do I take my leave - --- zivene oe hivum
'Tis in my memory lock'd, And you yourself shall keep the key of it. - Fì'u yolän mì ronsem oeyä, Ulte nì'aw nga tsun livonu fì'ut.
So please you - Fte prrte' ngar livu
Given private time to you - ngahu koläteng ro sìk'ìn
not to crack the wind of the poor phrase, Running it thus - fteke fwel sivi hufwet fìlì'fyaviä, Fìfya lerawk
Ay, fashion you may call it; go to, go to. - hum, hum
When the blood burns - When the blood burns
how prodigal the soul Lends the tongue vows - fìtxan nìftue vitral Terìng fänut
Set your entreatments at a higher rate - Kivan ngeyä --- kxayl nì’ul
a command to parley - tì’iusa tìpängkxor
for they are brokers - sa’u po skasya’a,
Not of that dye which their investments show - Sa’u ke lu sa’u a poltxe
This is for all - Fì’u pole’un
I would not, in plain terms, from this time forth - Oel nìftue ta set new futa
Have you so slander any moment leisure - pivlltxe teri tìk’ìn nìkawng nga ---
Look to't, I charge you - Tsa’ur nari si, oe peng


what hour now? - pehrr lu set?
I think it lacks of twelve. - Fpìl oel futa srekamtxon.
No, it is struck. - Kehe, srekrr kxamtxonmaw
Indeed? I heard it not - nìngay srak? Ke ìmomum oe
the spirit held his wont to walk - a vitra a lonu tìnewt sneyä a tivìran.
But to my mind - Slä tì'efumì oey
And to the manner born - Ulte por a fìfya tsawl slolu
east and west - fratsengmì
The pith and marrow of our attribute. - Kxìtx sì tìtxur akawng aylaru.
That for some vicious mole of nature in them, - Alunta kawnga ngawng tìluä mìfa fo
be they as pure as grace - ke tsranten fya’o a ngay sa’u lu
No, by no means (go with it) - Srane, ke kä.
I do not set my life in a pin's fee; - Oe ke tiyeverkup nìfya'o a ke lu pxan;
sovereignty of reason - sngeyä fya'o a nìlaw fpivlì
And draw you into madness - ulte ngati lekye'ung seyki
toys of desperation - aysäfpìl lekeftxo
Hold off your hands. - Neto oeta menga pak.
And makes each petty artery in this body as hardy - Ulte reypayti mì oeyä tokx reykikx nìwin na ---
by heaven – Oìsss


I'll go no further - Oel ke nìyong ngati.
Mark me.- Mikyun tivìng oeru.
My hour is almost come, - Zola'u stum krr
Pity me not, but lend thy serious hearing - Keftxo oeri ke lu nga, ki nìpxì mikyun tivìng
I am bound to hear - Oe newomum furia stivawm.
Doom'd for a certain term to walk the night, - zenänge txana krr tivìran ro ton,
And for the day confined to fast in fires, - Ulte ro srr kiväteng nìsraw aytepmì
Make thy two eyes, like stars, start from their spheres, - Ngey menariti, pxel mesanhì, slivu txanatan,
I find thee apt; - Nga oeru lam pxan;
'Tis given out that - Poltxe fkol frapor
If thou hast nature in thee, bear it not; - Txo nga tutan angay lu, tsakem ke tung livu
by heaven/in faith - pänutìng, eo Eywa x5
My tables,--meet it is I set it down, - Ma ronsem, --zivene ziverok tsa
I hold it fit that we shake hands and part: - lam oer fwa zivene pxoeng hivum ketenga pxefya'one:
come on - tam, set
Hic et ubique? - Hic et ubique? or fratsenget tok srak?
And lay your hands again upon my sword: - ulte nìmun niviä oeyä tukruti
are dreamt of in your philosophy - nga kawkrr ke tsole'a mì ayunil.
With arms encumber'd thus - fa mesyokä tìlam
We could, an if we would, - san Oeng tsivun, txo nivew sìk

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