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This is a list of people who speak Na'vi or are learning to speak Na'vi. If you're one of those people, edit this page and add yourself to the list. Stand up and be counted!

Note: this wiki-based registry is a trial! It could be removed or drastically altered at any time. If you have suggestions for improving the registry, please join the discussion on the Learn Na'vi forum.


  • Add yourself to the correct section!
  • Use your real name, your Na'vi name, your nickname, your forum name... any name you like. Just don't register more than once.
  • Add your name, plus (optionally) a one-line blurb about yourself. You could provide contact information, your geographic location, why you're learning Na'vi, how far along you are in your studies, your favorite Na'vi word or phrase, etc. Just keep it to a single line, about the size of a Twitter message.
  • Use Wiki formatting (optionally) to link your name or parts of your blurb to appropriate websites, like your home page, Facebook page, Twitter page, Wikipedia user page, etc.
  • If you aren't sure how to use Wiki formatting, copy-and-paste from someone else's entry and modify it appropriately.

What section should I add myself to?

  • Native speakers:
  • Fluent speakers:
    • You can participate effectively in most formal and informal conversations on practical, social, professional, and abstract topics.
    • You can read with almost complete comprehension and at normal speed expository prose on unfamiliar subjects and a variety of literary texts.
    • You can express yourself effectively in most formal and informal writing on practical, social and professional topics.
  • Intermediate speakers:
    • You can ask and answer questions and participate in simple conversations.
    • You can consistently read and understand simple texts dealing with a variety of basic and social needs.
    • You can write short, simple letters involving personal preferences, daily routine, everyday events, and other topics grounded in personal experience.
  • Novices:
    • None of the above, but you're working on it!

Native Speakers

None yet!

Fluent Speakers

  • Tirea Aean - Baltimore MD. Aylì'ufa awngeyä 'eylanä a'ewan Markusì ta Ngalwey...'Ivong Na'vi. Are you a beginner? I'll be glad to chat with you and help you learn. you can find me on Discord.

Intermediate Speakers

Several, probably - make yourself known!

  • Alìm Tsamsiyu - Mesquite, Texas. Feel unworthy to be the first name here, but I'm available to help with anyone's questions!
  • Ftiafpi - Bangor, Maine. I love speaking Na'vi and will happily help anyone out with anything I can.
  • Omängum Fra'uti - Oeyä lì'fya amuve lu leNa'vi, slä oel ke omum futa txo tsaw oeru prrte' lu... Ngian new oel pxaya tutet a tsivun oe pivankxo fohu nìNa'vi!
  • Taronyu - Edinburgh, UK. Tìprrte'it oeru tìng a perlltxe nìNa'vi.
  • Txur'Itan - Ohel ngengati kuyameie. Oeru tìyevìng ayngayä mìkyun fte oel ngaru fmi tusìng aytìhangham. "Takuk? Takuk?" kxawm "nä nu nä nu"... Ngal asyomum futa ngal oeru tasyìng yawn!
  • Tukan - Vienna, Austria. I don't speak fluent, but I speak! And that's great fun :)
  • KalaKuival - Tallinn, Estonia. New oe sutehu amip nìNa'vi fu nìÌnglìsì pivlltxe ha... contact me when interested :)
  • Eltu lefngap 'eveng - Auckland, New Zealand. I'm not fluent, still learning, but reasonably good.
  • Vawmataw - Canada. Tsunslu srung a oeta. ;)
  • Eana Unil - Germany. Tsun pivlltxe sì pamrel sivi nìNa'vi ulte fula srung si suteoru alahe 'eykefu oetsyìpit nitram nì'aw :)


  • Aka'ula - Indiana. Somewhere between Beginner and Intermediate :)
  • Kompimasakx - California. Got all the grammar down, busy memorizing words. WOOT.
  • Erimeyz - Southern United States. Working on the fundamentals, working on the wiki.
  • Eanmenari - Laramie, Wyoming and Reston, Virginia. Working on the fundamentals.
  • Eywayä Kato - Concord, California. Working on the fundamentals.
  • Ohe Kame Nga - Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Alexandre Cisneiros Filho - Recife, PE, Brazil. Translating some documents into Portuguese and trying to learn the Language!
  • Montana Reytx - Okanagan, Canada. Oel Na'viti nerume nìftxavang. (Learning Na'vi with a passion. Hopefully that made sense!)
  • The Butchmeister
  • skxawng - Queensland Australia. complete novice just getting my head around the massive alphabet
  • Amhul
  • Jason Parachoniak - South Wester Ontario Canada. Trying to learn. I'm a Software Designer by profession.
  • Unil Taronyu - Orlando, Florida. Covered the basics, still working on verb conjugation.
  • Qu'Zac - York, Pennsylvania. Got the pronunciation down, and most of the grammar. The ixes are kicking my ass.
  • Furrkxan - Ankara, Turkey. Na'vi have to have a word order! It's hard enough.
  • Xeptance - South Australia. Just started learning.
  • Purzu - Istanbul, Turkey. I've learnt the basic grammar and usage. Oel fili'fyati nivume new niftxavang!!! Kiyevame
  • Txaslan - Italy. On my way to become fluent! (I hope)
  • Nerume -New Zealand, Auckland. I'm still learning all the grammar and suf/in/prefixes. Having fun learning though.
  • Grackle - Maine, USA. Just getting started.
  • Letxuna swizaw - Ohio,U.S.A. don't even know how to use a wiki but whatever... working on vocab and infixes. so much studying that now i'm studying Na'vi in german class. I'm currently attempting to translate hamlet's monologue into Na'vi as practice. I suggest something simmilar for those of you who like to be chalenged while learning. Eywa Ngahu.
  • Qwerty000106 - Victoria, Australia. TOTAL N00B, getting there.
  • Miriam - Miriam, Israel. I am trying hard!
  • Nìkxläs - Zealand, Denmark. Have a hunger for learning new languages. Also trying out Chinese.
  • Drewan - Sydney, Australia. Watched the movie ans was capitvated by the Na'vi. i want to be like them.
  • Seyvaro - South Bay Area, California. Graphic designer. Needed name for server, decided to name it in Na'vi. Well, while I'm at it, why don't I learn the language? Latin student, so I'm picking up the grammar pretty easily (soooo easy when compared!). Memorizing the words, currently.
  • Makto Fa'lihu - Uniontown, Pennsylvania. I'm an Ex-Marine. Second Lieutenant. Studied demolitions. Earned a Bronze Star for fighting in Iraq, saving a squad of 6. I am learning at a decent pace I think. Need to learn more though
  • Cloventt - Christhcurch, New Zealand. Na'Vi is so cool, just thought I'd try and pick it up in my spare time. Still just a beginner though.
  • alexdz - Columbia, Missouri. Oel leiu fertiayu lì'uti. (I am a linguist.) Very interested in constructed languages.
  • Txumwll - Germany.
  • Ekirä - United States. I just love the movie AVATAR and I felt learning the language was a way of saying my dedication. Plus it's a great sounding language. I'm working on both learning the words and infixes...which are tough but easier than I thought!
  • Duma 'Vadamee - Boston. currently working on language,(although if someone says it I can mimick it perfectlly!), and writing a storyline on Avatar itself. if you want to see the chapters you can go to and look under fanfiction.(the first page in that section!) look for Dreamwalker's dilema {updated} for the story and Dreamwalker's dilima for comments on the book. Im currently on chapter 15 in writing and ch. 1 is allready out, so go look around!
  • Kllpxìltu - Oklahoma, USA.
  • AtanŽeko - SanAntonio, TEXAS, USA. im slowly but surely learning it.
  • Swatao - Rio Negrinho, Santa Catarina, Brazil. Calmly learning Na'vì! Na'vi is a cool and different language, so I'm curious to learn about this exciting new language, and has beautiful aural!
  • User:illicitpopsicle - Oklahoma, USA. Kaltxì! I'm pretty much a complete newbie. I know how to greet (something I learned tonight, actually) and that's really about it. I am really intrigued by Na'vi, and i've gotten some friends into it as well. Mostly it was because "Kaltxì (friend's name)! Oel ngati kameie. Ngaru lu fpom srak?" sounds so foreign and exotic.
  • Feiane - Seattle. Always on Teamspeak. I learn best through games and song.
  • Tireayä Syalhu - New Zealand. Dabbled around a bit, just learning grammar. Love using Tree of Voices.
  • Tawsreuyu - Kaltxì! I love Avatar and the Na'vi language. I'm a visual learner, and I'm just getting the basics of Na'vi down.
  • ZacPortland, OR was hooked on Na'vi sence the movie first came out! trying to learn the basic words, just stuff i can use in small talk. i liked to be called Fya nrig (still trying to remember the vocab!) this means way the forest!
  • Keith Cleaver Kaltxì! I'm learning basic phrases and words at the moment, and hoping to learn much more of this beautiful language. Kìyevame!
  • Kaltxi Angtsik Los Angeles/OC California - Kaltxi ma eylan! Just another geek trying to learn this beautiful language.
  • Eltu Lefngap Makto/Aquatiki - Seattle, WA. Wiki-nut, Na'vi novice, Bible expert, Linguistics enthusiast
  • EMIBH - Kaltxì ma oeyä smukan smukesì. Oel narmume fìlì'fyat mì Learn Na'vi Forums akrrta 11-12-2010. Tsatseng oer fko syaw eejmensenikbenhet. Eywa ayngahu frakrr!
  • Äteya Real Life Na'vi Tribe Member [1]